Sync – Streamers and Protools Delivery

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Course Number: MUPD200
Course Instructor: Sean Dougall


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Course Description

Synchronization takes many forms throughout the scoring process, each with its own pitfalls. And in a fixed medium like film or television, even the most masterfully composed and produced score can fail completely if it doesn’t fit to picture. How do we produce a score from beginning to end, navigating a maze of competing standards, and guaranteeing that the assets we deliver will stay in sync even after they leave our hands?

Creator of the software program Streamers, Sean Dougall leads a class covering synchronization and delivery from multiple angles, such as working with timecode, aligning to a video reference, and scoring to picture both with and without a click track. We’ll discuss how to prepare and deliver a Pro Tools session that’s clear, optimized for mixing, and ready for any contingency.
These lessons lay the groundwork for professionally producing the recording sessions for any of the upcoming ETHOS scoring projects.

Course Specifications

Sean Dougall lessons will use the software program Streamers.