Alexander Simmance

Alexander Simmance is an enrolled ETHOS student at the University of Music Karlsruhe


Composing from when he was a kid, Alexander Simmance started concentrating on composing and producing for film and media during his studies at the University of music Karlsruhe. Playing in a band, singing in a vocal ensemble and conducting choirs his musical variety includes all kind of genres and styles from the Barock until today. Also working with the conventional sound of the Orchestra, Alexander is always interested in combining genres and searching for new sonic colors to create a unique and tailored sound for picture.


  • Master in Music at the University of Music Karlsruhe (Piano and Conducting).
  • Since 2014 studying Musicinformatics at the University of Music (Concentrating on Music Production, Music for Film).

Next to Studying

  • Working as a choir conductor and piano teacher.
  • Producing music for bands (live recording, editing, mixing, mastering), Music for film and media.
  • Singing, composing and doing the keys in a band.
  • Singing in a vocal ensemble.

Producing skills

  • Producing with Pro Tools 11, Reason 5, Logic X Pro.
  • Basic knowledge in programming and Sound Design with Super Collider and Max/MSP.


Piano, Vocals, Organ, basic skills in Drumming

Main works

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