Clément Weil

Clément Weil is an enrolled ETHOS student at the EICAR - Paris


Clément Weil was born in the suburbs of Paris.  Still as a child, he discovered the music through some OSTs like « The Draughtman’s Contract » of Michael Nyman and others films that he wouldn’t know the titles. He really loved the powerful, melodic and loud music and he discovered Iron Maiden at his 8 years old, though he knows today that it’s not the music he appreciates the most but he recognises it was a beginning.

Music was always the most important thing to him, as he considered the colors and the forms of the sounds as the essence of the expressivity of the music. It was totally amazing for him because he didn’t play music, it was a kind of magic thing.

He discovered Einstürzende Neubauten at 11 years old and it was the “shock” as he describes. He really discovered what he always loved in music : minimalistic melodies, noise, agressivity, sadness and sensibility. As a teenager, he discovered the minimalistic metal, french singers, progressive rock, industrial music, american and french rap and the music of Mongolia. He always wanted to discover more music as possible as all kinds of music are always in his brain when he composes.

He decided to learn mongolian and he traveled to this beautiful but hard country. He learned the joy and the surprise with the discovering of new instruments, new sounds, as he believes that instruments often show a lot of the story and the place where people come from.

He decided to compose his own music two or three years ago and to learn alone guitar. He recorded with a friend what we called their first demo. He worked one year at Föhr in Germany where he recorded alone a very personal album which is called « Nous ne nous envolerons jamais » (« We will never fly »). The themes are birth, childhood, sex, death and contemplation. This themes were a bit the sames in the demo of Yyl. He also composed the music for an erotic-oriental-dance show too, « Serpens-Mulier ».

His future projects are :

  • Finish the piece for « serpens mulier » (the oriental dance show);
  • Work on a new double EP which will be called « tour de fer/tour de chair » (« iron tower/flesh tower »);
  • Compose the first real album of Yyl which will explore the loudness of sounds and the creation of a comic with music.


Master in Composition for Multimedia at École Internationale de Création Audiovisuelle et de Réalisation (EICAR) in Paris

Main works


Nous Ne Nous Envolerons Jamais – Full Album

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