Jan Pfitzer

Jan Pfitzer is an enrolled ETHOS student at the University of Music Karlsruhe


Jan comes from Germany and is a composer for films and video games. In additon to making music (with the guitar / trumpet/ or piano) he also loved to play video games like Final Fantasy or The Witcher (mainly fantasy games) and so he has fallen in love with the music too. Thus he started to study Music Informatcs at Karlsruhe, learned how to make music with his computer and combined his addicton to music with his love for films and games.

Another thing I really enjoy is recording and combining diferent sounds with either classical or electronic instruments to transform them into something new. Experimentng a lot to get an individual sound is the most important thing to me.


Master Music Informatics at the University of Music Karlsruhe


Piano, Trumpet, Guitar

Main works:


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