Micaela Carballo

Micaela Carballo is an enrolled ETHOS student at the Escuela Superior de Música de Cataluña


Born in September 11, 1988, Balcarce, Argentina. She obtained her degree in both Music Composition and Choral Conducting at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the La Plata University, Argentina.

She has started playing the piano at age of six in her city of birth with Lorenzo Carlón. At the age of eight she has begun her music studies at Balcarce School of Arts, where she has obtained the Basic Musical Training.

At the age of eighteen she moved to La Plata City to continue her studies in the Faculty of Fine Arts, La Plata University. At the same time, she continued with her piano lessons with Tato Finocci (playing Tango), Andrés Martinez ( playing Jazz) and María José Zábala (playing Classic music). She has also played piano in La Plata in two musical groups (“Cuateros” and “ELA” groups) and three theater plays (“La Pasiòn”, “La Mala Sangre”- as pianist and composer – and “El Poeta y el Duente”). She has also studied singing lessons with Shirley Ocampo and Mónica Philibert and she sang in several choirs such as the “The Choir of the Fine Arts Faculty Chamber”, in one of the Choirs of the EMSUC School of Music in Barcelona, Spain and as part of the “Vocal Plantense Chamber”.

With the Vocal PLATENSE Chamber she traveled in 2014 to Italy to sang in the Chanel TV 2000 (Vatican Chanel) and in certain churches.

She currently works as a composer for music for plays and she is act within the Argentinean Program Integration for arts in the Argentinean Theatre of La Plata. Now she continues her career studying the Master in Music Composition for Films in the ESMUC School of Music as a Fundacion Carolina Scholar, Barcelona, Spain.


Master in Soundtrack Composition – Escuela Superior de Música de Cataluña (ESMUC)


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  • Theatre Plays: “Carbono 14”, “Martha Stutz”, “La Malasangre”, “La Patria Fría”, “Dejarse ir”.

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