Miguel Sevilla

Miguel Sevilla is an enrolled ETHOS student at the Escuela Superior de Música de Cataluña


Miguel is a musician and a lawyer. He tries to split his time evenly between both fields. Even though some people have told him that you have to choose one career path or the other, he disagrees. He thinks that his time spent as a musician is actually off time from being a lawyer and his time as a lawyer is resting time for his fingers and ears as a musician.

He also thinks that taking music seriously makes him a better lawyer and vice versa. He believes that juggling both fields is great to gain some perspective on your work as loosing perspective can be very easy as a musician as well as as a lawyer.

Musically, he comes from an academic background based on a mixture of Jazz and Popular Music. Back in his home country, Ecuador, he played and arranged for more than 12 years for a latin-fusion band called “Rocola Bacalao” with whom he had the chance to perform world tours in concerts in a dozen countries.

He loves to play, arrange and compose and writing for visual media is a way in which he can combine these three elements and have fun!


Master in Soundtrack Composition – Escuela Superior de Música de Cataluña (ESMUC)


Piano, Saxophone, Guitar

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