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Composition for Film (1) Melody Writing – Main Titles


Focuses on Melody Writing and composing music for Main Title Sequences with Hollywood film composer, Christopher Young.

Course Number: MUCP110
Course Instructor: Christopher Young
Guest Artists: Directors from Chris’ feature film projects

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My goal, over the coming weeks, is to improve your skills as a melody writer. For now, we will talk about the importance of using melody and how to craft singable, memorable melodies, and later we will discuss ways to develop multiple melodies during the course of a feature film score. Assignments will including listening, analysis and melodies in song form, and how this all applies to you creating your own music for a Main Title sequence. Some of the films for study and review include; Spiderman 3, Murder in the First, The Hurricane, Drag Me To Hell, The Vagrant, and Bless The Child.