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Directing the Composer Workshop


This overall design of this course will enhance communication between the director and the composer, to invite and encourage creative collaboration along the way.

Course Number: CTST800
Course Instructor: Brian King
Guest Artists: Christopher Young, Daniel Wehr, David Naulin

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This course will provide the director with a thorough understanding of the role music plays in film , the emotional impact it has on the narrative, as well as how to work directly with the composer.The course instruction combines critical studies with a hands-on approach to music creation – each student will become familiar with basic forms and structures in music including; melody, harmony, rhythm and texture, as they apply to current film projects and practices in multimedia. The course will take you through the entire process of creating & producing the score, from concept to the final dub.

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Paris - Los Angeles

This workshop will include guest artists segments, with live broadcasts between Paris and Los Angeles. Check the Ethos Events Calendar for scheduling details.