Score this scene from SFA

The following video clip is a scene from the feature film, Shrek Forever After.

Key points for this lesson – we will go over all of these steps:

  • Set the sequencer to match the movie start time
  • Create MARKERS to pinpoint key moments in the scene
  • Determine the tone or mood of the music for the scene – does it change at any point(s)?
  • The mood will help to define the starting tempo for the scene – set the sequencer starting tempo to match your mood
  • Refer to the SMPTE timecode window number on the exact frame of video you wish to start your music (ex.) 02:07:09.03  This represents Bar 1, Beat 1 of your music
  • As you develop your music ideas to support the picture, you may need to adjust the musical form of your composition. This is typically addressed using meter changes; 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 2/3, 6/8, etc.
  • Another way to address precise synchronization of your music to the picture is with tempo. In general, as long as it makes musical sense, you can alter the tempo of your composition at various points in the scene to support specific moments or “hit points” in the scene.

All of these points are included in the overall design of the following scene. We will analyze these aspects and, if necessary, deconstruct various elements to illustrate any number of key points.

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the video file

OPTIONAL ASSIGNMENT – I present this assignment to you, as a way  to understand your skill level to compose music, to work with sequencers, to notate music (partitions), etc.  You are encouraged to complete this assignment to the best of your ability – think of it as a “sketch” or basic draft of a musical idea.

(1) create a sketch or mock-up for the scene. You can choose to synchronise your music to the picture or, for now, simply create a musical theme or material which captures the mood(s) of the scene. Be prepared to present an audio version of your idea(s) as an mp3 file.

(2) if possible,  present a PDF score of the your music for this scene

(3) if possible, bounce the music to the film clip (quicktime movie) so we can watch the scene with your mock-up for basic thematic material.