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Why Choose ETHOS?

The ETHOS collaborative design puts you in direct contact with Hollywood professionals. Our open enrollment invites students worldwide to participate in our music for multimedia courses; music for film, television, animation, video games and more.

LIVE Online - Interactive Design

ETHOS takes place in a “live” interactive environment, simultaneously providing all of the participants on campus and online with the opportunity to share in the learning experience, face to face, in real time. Each course includes a primary instructor or guest artist, plus a course moderator to facilitate a clear line of communication for everyone.

Learning Management System

The LMS includes all administrative components: your student registration, course enrollment, class lists, your evaluations and final grading, combined with an easy to use teacher-student interface, as a way to manage and distribute any of the course materials; video clips, audio files, application project files, music scores, and more.

Direct Link to Hollywood Professionals

Our team of educators are working professionals – their courses are designed to provide you with a real-world, hands-on experience in all facets of the music for multimedia industry. The ETHOS system is setup to access professional studios, producers and musicians directly from our virtual classroom. This type of direct contact with professionals also provides you with networking opportunities that might otherwise be unavailable – internships are another natural and valuable part of this dynamic educational experience.

Reputation of Success

Created by Brian King, ETHOS is modeled after his work with the internationally recognized program, formerly known as SMPTV, at the University of Southern California (1997 – 2012), having established a tradition of excellence in education in music for film & multimedia. An excellence measured by the success of the graduates – many of them are working professionals in the industry today, and have joined the ETHOS community as mentors and educators.

Course Outcomes - What You Can Expect To Achieve

Whether you enroll in a single course or an entire program package, you will work closely with professionals who take you through a learning process to provide you with the skills and experience you need to build confidence, and prepare you for numerous possibilities in the multimedia music industry. And while there are no guarantees for work after the program, our student outcomes are aligned with or linked to the following;

Recording Arts

Scoring Engineer
Protools Operator
Sound Editor
Score Producer
Sound Designer
Music Editor
Scoring Mixer – Final Dub
Auricle Operator – Streamers
Assistant Engineer
Studio Manager
Sample Libraries
Mastering Engineer

Musical Arts

Studio Musician – Singer
Contractor – Instrumental-Vocal
Composer – Songwriter
Music Preparation
Music Programmer
Assistant to Composer
Score Coordinator
Additional Music Writer

Music Business - Entrepreneur

Software Development
Music Tech Start-Up
Musician’s Union – RMA
Music Agent
Music Supervisor
Studio Music Department
Music Licensing
Marketing – Distribution
Music Publishing
Performance Rights (PRO)
Artist Management
Record Company

ETHOS teacher - student exchange