Directing the Composer Workshop

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Course Number: CTST800
Course Instructor: Brian King
Guest Artists: TBA

Brian King is the founder of Ethos – Education Online, based on his professional work in music and with the University of Southern California (1997 – 2012). While with USC, as an associate professor of practice, Brian was the program director and department chair for the internationally recognised program, Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television from 2002 – 2012.

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Workshop Description

This 5-day workshop will provide the director with a thorough understanding of the role music plays in film , the emotional impact it has on the narrative, as well as how to work directly with the composer. The course instruction combines critical studies with a hands-on approach to music creation – each student will become familiar with basic forms and structures in music including; melody, harmony, rhythm and texture, as they apply to current film projects and practices in multimedia. The course will take you through the entire process of creating & producing the score, from concept to the final dub.
This overall design will enhance communication between the director and the composer, to invite and encourage creative collaboration along the way.

Student filmmakers have the option to include one of their film projects as the primary focus for this workshop. Student composers will be invited to join us, and creative teams will be determined to have the composers work with the filmmakers to create the music score or sound design for your film project.

Class Schedule – Summer 2018

The schedule for this workshop is TBD.

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Virtual Classroom

Brian King will present his course “live” from Los Angeles via the ETHOS virtual classroom. Details for access to the virtual classroom will be made available to you after you register for the course.