Music for Television

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Course Number: MUCP106
Course Instructor: Mike Simon
Guest Artist: Mark Isham

Mike has been actively working in the Los Angeles Film and TV music industry for 9 years.  A graduate of the USC Scoring for Motion Picture and Film program, he went on to work with several high profile composers in the world of television and film.  He currently works with Mark Isham on “Once Upon A Time” (ABC) as well as his own personal projects, most notably the film “The Squeeze” in 2015.

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Course Description

Writing music for scripted episodic television is often very fast paced due to the tight deadlines and large amounts of music required.   While your own creative ability does play a role in how successful you can be in this medium, there is a whole host of other aspects that play just as important a role.  This course will discuss what it’s like to write music for scripted episodic television and explore important skills and methods that you will find helpful (if not completely necessary) for successfully working in the medium.

Working in a “hands-on” environment, students will be expected to compose music for most assignments in this course.  However, since each student has a unique set of skills (compositionally and technically), as well as a unique array of sample instruments at their disposal, the evaluations of the assignments will focus primarily on how the music serves the picture from storytelling perspective.  Each student’s ability to mix their demos, program their midi, and their stylistic choices may receive comment occasionally, but will not be the primary focus of this course.

Course Requirements

  • Ability to compose music using DAW software (Logic, Digital Performer, Cubase, ProTools, etc.)
  • Ability to setup video inside your sequencer so you can score it.


Grading will be calculated as follows:

50% attendance and participation

50% completion of assignments

Class Schedule – Summer 2018

This course is available during SESSION 2 – classes from July 17th – August 16th

There are two SECTIONS offered for this course. Select ONE of the following options;
SECTION 1 – Tuesdays from July 17th – August 14th from 9:00am – 10:30am or…
SECTION 2 – Thursdays from July 19th – August 16th from 4:00pm – 5:30pm

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Virtual Classroom

Mike Simonwill present his course “live” from Los Angeles via the ETHOS virtual classroom. Details for access to the virtual classroom will be made available to you after you register for the course.