Music Recording & Production 101

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Course Number: MUPD101-HS2018
Course Instructor: Brian King

Brian King’s work as a recording engineer dates back to 1988 when designed and built the Blue Wall Studio, in one of Atlanta’s most vibrant and popular music scenes, Little Five Points.  His love for music and recording is reflected in the wide range of artists and music projects, including; The Indigo Girls, The B-52’s, The subdudes, Joseph Arthur, Medeski, Martin & Wood, Michael Feinstein, Jimmy Webb, and Grady Cousins. For more information about his work with the Blue Wall Studio go to;

With more than 400 recording projects to date, Brian King, will take the students through the process of setting the stage, as well as recording and mixing basics.

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Course Description

This course takes place “live” from The Little School of Music  in Valencia, CA

We will discuss modern techniques for quality recording of acoustic instruments  for all types of popular media. Starting with the basics of acoustics, signal flow, microphones, and digital work stations, we will see how we can effectively harness all of these tools to create a meaningful recording.

Students will learn and develop professional techniques of recording, knowledge of both recording and listening acoustic environments, basic understanding of outboard recording gear, digital workstation basics, and digital and analog signal flow. Students will then be able to create better sounding recordings and also acquire a solid understanding of how to create a better environment for the playback of audio.

Course Requirements

  • ProTools will be used as a recording medium. But students may use any digital recording system that can create useable files.
  • Students will need to record via a microphone. A built-in mic is OK, but a stand alone microphone is highly recommended to get the most out of the course.


Students will create a short multi-track recording of their own, mix it, master it, and then play it back for the class for their final project.

Class Schedule – Summer 2018

SESSION 1  – classes from June 5th – July 12th
There are two SECTIONS offered for this course. Select ONE of the following options;
SECTION 1 – Tuesdays from June 5th – July 10th from 1:00pm – 2:30pm or…
SECTION 2 – Thursdays from June 7th – July 12th from 8:00pm – 9:30pm

SESSION 2  – classes from July 16th – August 15th
There are two SECTIONS offered for this course. Select ONE of the following options;
SECTION 1 – Mondays from July 16th – August 13th from 1:00pm – 2:30pm or…
SECTION 2 – Wednesdays from July 18th – August 15th from 8:00pm – 9:30pm

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Virtual Classroom

Brian King will present his course “live” from Los Angeles via the ETHOS virtual classroom. Details for access to the virtual classroom will be made available to you after you register for the course.