Alexander Lunt

Alexander Lunt is an enrolled ETHOS student at the University of Music Karlsruhe


Since I started to work with Ableton Live in 2009 my main focus lays on composing electronic music in genres such as Techno, House and since 2012 Contemporary Music and experimental Electronic Music.

During my studies in Karlsruhe I concentrate on sound design, sound synthesis, recording, mixing and mastering.

For sound synthesis I primarily use the integrated virtual instruments of Ableton Live, such as Operator, Analog. The object oriented programming language Super Collider also offers various ways to synthesize and design audio signals and since March 2015 I started to use Max for Live for manipulating sound.

I’m also interested in connecting visual impressions with audio. One way to do so is to write music for a film or a game but there are several other ways such as visualizing sound as you can see in the Oscillator_04 App (or the video if you don´t use mac).


Master of Music Informatics with focus on Sonic Arts and Composition at the University of Music Karlsruhe


Basic level in playing Guitar (Classic and Electric), Saxophone, Piano and Drums

Main works


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Video Editing

  • NoInput Ensemble Concert

Other Works

  • Lissajous Manipulation

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