Nicolas-Marie Santonja

Nicolas-Marie Santonja is an enrolled ETHOS student at the EICAR - Paris


After general studies in Literature, Nicolas-Marie graduated in Classical Piano at the Conservatoire de Paris (CRR). Among his professional experiences, Nicolas had the chance to work as a soloist, as an accompanist and in an orchestra.
He’s currently enrolled at the Master’s program of Multimedia Composition at EICAR, studying in parallel the Harp, chamber music, accompaniment for singers and harmony in the Conservatoire. His passions include music and education. He teaches the piano and music theory in private lessons and gives supplementary tutoring sessions for young music students.
In 2014, he played the piano with the orchestra Melo’dix and since 2015 he’s the harpist for the orchestra La Sirène. He also works with the Bouche à Bouche theater company. His last work as a composer was for the Supa Monks Studio for the short film Valse à Quatre Mains.


Master in Composition for Multimedia at École Internationale de Création Audiovisuelle et de Réalisation (EICAR) in Paris


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