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Film Music 101


This course explores the music-picture relationship. With lots of clips, topics such as mix, time and rhythm, picture editing, and the functions of film music will be explored. The student will develop a better dramatic sense and become more conscious about decision-making.

Course Number: MUCP101

Course Instructor: Daniel Wehr

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This course takes an in-depth look into the magical bond between music and image. The established film composer as well as newcomers will greatly benefit from exploring the important picture-music relationship and its basic language.
Music in conjunction with pictures is a powerful tool! Every film composer should be very aware of his possibilities to manipulate or even change the meaning of pictures with his music. The skill to quickly define and isolate important parameters that influence the picture-music relationship is the key to conscious decision-making and will separate the professional from the average moviegoer or the film composer from the concert composer.