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Music Libraries in Film, Television and Advertising


Library music (also known as stock music or production music) is the name given to recorded music that can be licensed to customers for use in film, television, radio and other media.

In this course the know how, ins and out of library music for reality TV, trailers, award shows and commercials are revealed. We will simulate real life situations, exploring and writing for diverse libraries.

Course Number: MUCP111

Course Instructor: Daniel Wehr

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Modular writing will be at the heart, understanding of the structure with a reflective and analytical mind is goal. Knowledge about the Trailer world as well as Trailer Kits and musical sound design will prepare the students to write their own epic cue. Familiarized with up to date market trends in songs for advertisement, how the music can serve the different promotional goals and the 12 hot song categories leave the versatile students with priceless insight to commercial music. They are made aware of the power lyrics can have and how to choose the right ones.

Equipped with the ins and out of the business side and what to watch out for in contracts the student is ready to participate in the big market of library music.